We’re looking for the right investors. We’ve done the hard work and garnered the experience to experience the exponential growth predicted within our industry.  If you have an interest in becoming part of our story please contact us for information about how we may be able to work together.

Company Overview

IsolCo’s vision is to combine technologies in new ways to provide safe and nutritious products. Our products produced on a localized basis will provide jobs and economic benefits to every local economy we serve.  Localized production reduces transportation costs and product damage and spoilage, supplying cost effective, products year-round without the problems associated with imported products.

Management Vision

IsolCo Management has a vision to build environmentally friendly production facilities in the in a short period of time.  This vision will provide and sustain a competitive advantage for our products.  Regional production will allow us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.  We believe a good vision, quality management and adequate funding are required for success.  Our commitment to a healthy life style and environment will drive our technology to continue to improve our facilities, processes and products while maintaining cost competitive and profitable. 

We will produce quality, safe, nutritious products in a resource optimized, low impact environment.  Our vision allows us to create systems that do not stress local resources.  Our use of Biomass energy production systems will allow us to efficiently run our systems without impact from or demands on the power grids supplying the markets we locate.  We will be able to optimize our production environments maximizing output, nutrition and safety without incurring incremental energy costs.

Our cross-functional team approach to projects will provide a conduit for continued informational exchange between teams.  Our teams will coordinate to maximize effectiveness and competitiveness of our continued development of innovative solutions to satisfy market demands. Each team director will manage projects within their primary functional group with coordination with and participation by other directors and/or their teams to assure optimized solutions.  This approach allows each team to be responsible for the planning, design, scheduling, and results of their respective projects while assuring the availability of valuable inputs from other teams within the organization.

Corporate Structure

IsolCo Management will be the operating group that provides funds for the facilities and operate the programs.  A management team will oversee the progress, program results and key director selection.  IsolCo Management is a group that operates and receives funds from sales to be self-sufficient.

Want To invest?

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